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Terms & Conditions

Please Read All Terms and Conditions Carefully

1. Cancellations must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the date of event. If the client(s) fail to cancel the booking, in writing, before this date then the client(s) will be charged the full fee.

2. The client(s) will be responsible for any damage, normal wear and tear excluded, to equipment (sound/lighting equipment and/or music library) caused by anyone in attendance at the event during the contracted time period, including the time allowed for setting up and packing away, unless damage is due to the promoters negligence. The full cost of any repairs required will be charged to the client(s) who will be advised of any damage as soon as it is possible.

3. The promoter does not tolerate any violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour from anyone. We reserve the right to terminate our services at any time should we feel our personal safety or the safety of our equipment is under threat. If this occurs, no refund of any fees will be given and we reserve the right to claim damages against any person(s) in addition to point 2.

4. If a booking has been confirmed and the promoter attends the function to find another artist or DJ has been booked by you or any other persons then the full fee shall be payable as per the agreement.

5. The promoter will ensure that all equipment used will carry a P.A.T Certificate as required by various venues. The company is not responsible for any damage caused to the room or building where the services are provided and is not responsible for any power outages.

6. The promoter agrees to conduct themselves in a sober and proper manner and respond to the reasonable wishes of the client(s) as to volume, siting of equipment or other matters concerning peoples enjoyment of the entertainment.

7. The client(s) shall ensure the venue will allow the promoter adequate access time for the setting up and taking down of any equipment. If the performance start time is delayed due to the inability of the company to gain access to the performance area, or any other delay beyond the company's reasonable control, no liability will be accepted and no refund will be given.

8. Public liability insurance cover is provided by the promoter only for the protection of the public against damage caused to the public by the promoters personnel or equipment and not by any action of the client(s) or anyone in attendance, who may cause any such damage to themselves or others which may include, but is not restricted to them being under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

9. Payments of due balances received on the date of the event must be in cash and should be delivered prior to the scheduled start time. Under no circumstances will the Company begin rendering services until the balance is paid in full.

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